The Curaco CareBidet is FDA / EU / PSE certified for use in the USA, EU, and Japan and is currently exported to 20 countries globally.

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to bowel & bladder care

Is your facility still using outdated diaper care protocols that are bad for...

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...your patients?

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...their hygiene?

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...the environment?

We have the solution for you

The Carebidet provides measurable improvements in patient outcomes

Improved efficiency means:

  • Large cost savings

  • Less UTIs

  • Less patient falls

  • Reduction in pressure injuries

  • Reduction in re-admissions to acute care

  • Increased nursing effectiveness /efficiency /morale

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Automatic detection of urine and feces, washing and drying!

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Automatic Cleaning and Disinfection

By pressing a button.
(KTC-Test: Disinfection Rate 99.999%)

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Odor Removal

Multi-layered odor filtering system embedded. Refreshing and pleasant environment for patients and caregivers.

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Warm Air Drying

Removes moisture in private parts Maintains the body dry and clean.

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Operating for both Urine and Feces

Reduces costs for paper diapers. Preserves patient dignity and avoids embarrassment often caused by frequent diaper changes.

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Automated system

Immediate excretion disposal. Reduced burden of caregivers.

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Easy to Use

Hassle-free operation. By simply pressing the ‘Auto’ button.

A shared mission

Anthony-Ford Care Bidet

“As a healthcare professional, I have built a successful business providing healthcare to the vulnerable. But it was only when I needed to take care of my own Mother, in her last weeks and month that I recognized the suffering caused through the need to constantly change her. Bedsores and infections were a constant battle, and the loss of personal dignity was at times tough for all involved. I did not have access to the Care Bidet product, and after discovering its broad circulation in over 20 countries, I decided to make it my personal mission to bring it to the United States.”


“I won’t stop until every carer has access to this product when caring for the bedridden, whether at the facility level, or just one family member caring for those they love.”

– Anthony Ford President

Working with us couldn't be easier

1. Contact us to arrange a full demonstration

2. Decide on the package that suits you

3. Watch your patient outcomes improve

We will train your staff and service
your Carebidet

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If you are not 100% satisfied with the Carebidet, we will take back the product no questions asked!

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Disposable diapers are no longer the healthiest option.
Your patients and your competitors know this

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Quality of care equals quality of life

Caregivers ... RELIEVED
Patients ... HAPPIER
Costs ... REDUCED
Environment ... IMPROVED


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